Anticipatory Faith

Dear Ones:

The psalmist, in Psalm 42, writes concerning his thirst for God, and this in the context of his tears and just simply being overwhelmed by life, “…all thy billows are gone over me.” (v.7)  It sounds a bit like the experience of Jonah when he declared from the belly of the fish, “… and the floods compassed me about: all Thy billows and Thy waves passed over me.” (Jonah 2:3)  One thing that the Word of God does for us, among many others, is to unveil to us the true experiences of the heart and mind, in the good and difficult times.  But with that revelation,  the God of Hope, comes to our aid, and reveals to us His way in the storm…and how He will meet us, and does meet us.

The faith of the psalmist, though being tried, is provided with “…the way of escape,” and that begins with REMEMBERING.  He remembers what it was to know the fellowship with God and with other believers.  He remembers that God is always, regardless of our circumstances, worthy of praise, “…yet I will praise Him.” (42:5)  He then remembers that God is his help, “…a very present help in time of trouble.” (Ps. 46:1)  Indeed, the Psalmist will declare, “I WILL REMEMBER THEE.” (v.6)  Because of the remembrance of God, and what He is, there is the taking of his stand upon the rock of His faithfulness, and he will declare, “…Yet the Lord WILL command His loving kindness in the daytime, and in the night HIS song shall be with me, and my prayer unto the GOD OF MY LIFE.”  What a declaration!  What an anticipating faith, based on the nature and character of God!  In the storm, overwhelmed by the waves, there rises the singular voice of faith in an unfailing God, “I REMEMBER THEE…HE WILL COMMAND HIS LOVINGKINDNESS .”

Here is a man who is living in anticipation of God’s intervention in his heart and life, and this by faith in His faithfulness, and His unchanging character of mercy, and loving kindness.  God has not changed…He is the same “…yesterday, today, and forever.”  So, let us believe Him, remember Him, and take our stand believing that He will again, today, in our lives,  command HIS loving kindness in the daytime, and in the night HIS song shall be with me.

Love, Dad


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