Swords and Rubber Knives

Dear Ones:

When I was a boy I remember having a rubber knife.  At the time, I thought it was truly a great thing to have.  But, I knew that it was a toy.  Compare a rubber knife, regardless of  it size and appearance, to a real sword.  Go a step further and ask yourself what would be the result if two enemies met face to face in a field of battle, one with a sword and the other with a rubber knife.  What would be the outcome of the fight?

For whatever reason, we are apt to try to do battle with our adversary the Devil using a rubber knife instead of a sword.  We sometimes think that philosophy, science, or just knowledge, is enough to overcome our adversary.  And this is one reason for which we are overrun by the enemy, trampled down in the dust, and rise discouraged and disheartened, asking ourselves, “Does God truly answer prayer?”

Paul calls the word of God “the sword of the Spirit.” (Eph. 6:17)  There is no rubber knife here, only that which the eternal God has provided so that we can overcome our adversary…stand, and withstand.  We must get it into our heads and hearts that our enemy does not fear nor respect us.  Indeed, his intent is to destroy us.  It is only as we KNOW the truth(s) of the word of God, lay hold on those truths by faith, gripping the sword firmly in hand, that we shall be empowered to “reign in life,” overcome, and see the kingdom of God come in the hearts and lives of those around us.

When Jesus faced Satan head on, being tempted in the wilderness, He did so, not with the rubber knife of man’s ways, and thoughts, but with eternal truth.  He knew that God will only work according to TRUTH, His way, and this in His mercy towards us.  This is why it is essential to not only memorize Scripture, but to trust the Holy Spirit to bring to our minds and hearts those specific truths which apply to different circumstances, so that we can, in those circumstances, take our stand and overcome.

So, today, knowing that Christ IS truth, let us learn and grasp firmly, as with a material sword, the eternal truths of the Word of God.  And let us actively trust the Spirit of Truth, to lead by the truth, bringing again and again the truths that we need to “use” in order to know the power of God in our daily circumstances.

One last thought…When Goliath confronted David on the field of battle, he was equipped with all that “man” thought necessary to win.  But, what made the difference for David was a weapon which was used by the hand of God.  Such is the sword of the Spirit…it is alive and powerful.  So, let us hold fast the truth(s), and let us be bold.  For God will honor His word, the truth, and give us victory thereby.

Love, Dad

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