Unexpected Greatness

Dear Ones:

Jesus once said that one could gain the whole world and lose his soul.  He also said that there was a broad way that leads to destruction, and a narrow one that leads to life.  Could it not be said that the concept of true greatness can be seen through the same prism, that of God?  How sad it would be to truly gain all that this world provides, and follow the designs and dictates of men, however wide the spectrum of thought, only to find at the end of life, it was to no avail?  Wherein does true greatness lie?

In John’s vision into heaven in Revelations 4-5, we see a very curious sight.  We hear the words, “…the Lion of Judah hath prevailed…” But then, we see a slain lamb … the Lamb that taketh away the sin of the world.  From a natural standpoint we would have said that the consideration of the Lion should be the dominant point.  But central to all, and the whole story and work of redemption, is the Lamb…something so “insignificant” and helpless, and yet, infinitely precious and worthy of our highest consideration.

The Samaritan woman did not know what the gift of God was, nor Who it was who was speaking to her.  Why?  Because there was nothing that caught her eye except to recognize that Jesus was Jewish.  The disciples did not see that in seeing Jesus they saw the Father.  Why?  Because the manifestation of the Father was revealed to them in another form, and way, than they were thinking.  And then, we come to the teaching of Jesus on being a servant, saying that the greatest among us is the servant of all.  Paul speaks of Christ who laid aside his glory, and all that could not be grasped of His divinity, to take upon Himself the form of a servant.  Why?  Because this is how He will reveal Himself to us, in His lowliness and meekness, and yet in His strength and power.  The Lamb, slain before the foundation of the world, that John saw in heaven, was the perfect Servant.  He was so by virtue of his motive, in that He lived only to serve and love His Father.  And secondly, He was loyal, faithful to Him who had called Him.  He was indeed the perfect “good and faithful servant.”

And so, if God has chosen “the servant” as the vehicle, in attitude of heart and action of body, to reveal Himself to us all, how shall we not be His servants?  And how shall we not count this as a most high and blessed privilege, as we serve others for His sake?

Abraham’s servant, the oldest and most trusted in his household, was entrusted with a commission to find a wife for Isaac…and this in a “foreign” land.  He was a man of faith, and thus, was faith-filled (faithful).  He believed God to meet him in his task as a servant, and the Lord did just that.  It is as we choose to be His servants, that He reveals Himself in and through us.  We serve the Lord Christ, and then out of fellowship with Him, serve others.  This is true greatness…a greatness that originates in heaven.

So, today, rest assured that we have the power and the authority of Christ, to choose to BE His servants, and to trust Him for the grace and mercy to be such.  Lord Jesus, enable us to not live by the world’s standards, which are passing away, but by Heaven’s.  Enable us to be the servants of God, so that in serving others, the Father will be revealed, and men will know that Thou art God. Amen.

Love, Dad

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